Seafood Island’s Fried Ice Cream

After your meal at Seafood Island you should not miss a perfect dessert and try their Fried Ice Cream. A creamy vanilla ice cream, crusted with a secret recipe and topped with chocolate syrup. A very special treat and a “must-try” . Try it today at any Seafood Island branch. Advertisements

A Taste of the Middle East

Middle Eastern Dishes or even Mediterranean Foods are rich in spices. They give off strong flavors that are well blended with one another. Filipino’s does not usually visit Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants , except if they crave a dish they have tasted before, if they are Muslims and want to be sure that what they eat…

The Goliath Burger

A big and bulky burger, good for 8 persons. The beef patty has an amazing Western taste. Complete with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, cheese and sauce. Rating: 10 Location: Outback Grill ALL RATINGS ARE BASED ON THE OPINION OF THE AUTHOR. THE RATING SCALE IS FROM 1 TO 10. 10 = EXCELLENT AND 1 = POOR. CRITERIA: TASTE,…

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Parm-Crusted Chicken A beautiful combination of chicken which comes with white sauce, composed of white chocolate and cream. A little bit sweet and creamy to go along with your pasta. Rating : 8.7 Frey Milk Chocobloc Marbled Crepe Crepe with melted Frey chocolate filling, with mangoes and a chocolate on…

Gerry’s Grill Lechon Kawali and Grilled Chicken

Lechon Kawali with Pakbet Location: Gerry’s Grill Rating: 7.1 Grilled Chicken with Chopsuey Location : Gerry’s Grill Rating : 6.5 All Rating’s are based on the opinion of the author. The scale of the rating is from 1 to 10. 10 being the best and 1 means poor. Criteria of rating ; taste .