Thank you for viewing my blog!!!


Food, Travel and Photography, the three things I am passionate of. I made this blog so as I can share information about the places I’ve been to. To serve as a guide and inspiration to people who loves to travel. To be able to help anyone in their travels and promote the places I fell in love with; to tell you the reason why a place is so awesome.


I want to share also my love for Photography, to share art; to see how I much I learn over time. If we share the same passion for photography then maybe we can share ideas too, like share with me your work; I am open to criticisms so as I can improve mine too (and don’t be gentle about it, please).


You can call me by my nickname, Yel. Feel free to follow me if you like my blog. Check out my contact page if you want to get in touch.


I update my blog every now and then so hope you check reiteratively 😉

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