Bali: 3-Day Itinerary

The Island of the Gods, Bali, there’s absolutely everything to love about this island. Rich in culture, tradition, and history. The beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, delectable food and pleasant people. There are a lot of beautiful places that you can go to, and 3 days, certainly, would not cover it all. However, if you only have 3 days (like I did), then I’m going to list down the top places you can visit for your 3 days in Bali.

Where to Stay in Bali:

If you are having a hard time deciding on where to stay in Bali (like I did, also) I’m going to suggest 3 popular places that are closest to the beach.



  • Close to the beach
  • Perfect Spot for surfing
  • Close to clubs and restaurants
  • Nearby shops and malls


  • Some hotels are very near clubs which makes it very loud at night



  • Close to the beach
  • Fewer people than Kuta
  • Close to shops, restaurants, and bars

Nusa Dua


  • Beachfront
  • Perfect spot for relaxation
  • Luxury hotels


  • Far from airport
  • Expensive


Day 1: Beach, Shop, and Party

1. Kuta Beach, a 5 km long and the most popular (most crowded) beach in Bali. Surfing is really popular here as the waves get big and strong. It is also close to the shops and the malls. At night the streets in front of the beach come alive as the people come here for the nightlife.

2. Beachwalk Shopping Center, just along Kuta. You can find different popular brands here. There’s a good Frozen Yogurt store located in the 2nd floor of this mall, called Sour Sally. I would suggest you try their Black Sakura Frozen Yogurt, it is really good and refreshing.

Day 2:

For Day 2 and 3 you would need a driver as the spots are far from one another. It would be best to start the tour early.

1. Taman Ayun Temple

Located in Mengwi District of Bali. Quick tip: “Pura” means temple and “Jalan” means street. The distance of Taman Ayun Temple to Ulun Danu Temple is 1hr & 10 mins.

Taman Ayun Temple

2. Ulun Danu Bratan

It means Lake Bratan Temple. A temple dedicated to the Goddess of the Lake, Dewi Danu. It gets cold here especially during rainy season, so it’s best to bring a jacket but a scarf will do too.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple


Pacung Rice Terraces

Have lunch at Pacung Restaurant. Enjoy a buffet meal of Balinese dishes with a beautiful view of Pacung Rice Terraces.

Along the way you can inform your driver that you want to try Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee and he will take you to one of the Luwak Coffee makers along the way. In our case, we went to One Bali Agrotourism and they had free samples of different types of coffee and tea that they produce. A cup of Luwak coffee costs 50.000 IDR.

Free Samples

3. Tanah Lot Temple

A must-visit for everyone planning to go to Bali, it is a very popular tourist destination. This temple is best visited last because Tanah Lot is famous for its picturesque sunset.

I would suggest you do your souvenir shopping around the shops in Tanah Lot Temple, as the prices are way cheaper than the ones in the city.

Tanah Lot Temple

Day 3:

1. Monkey Forest

Don’t be fooled by those cute, furry and gentle-eyed monkeys, they can be quite a little devil when provoked. If you don’t want any monkey to climb on your body please make sure not to bring any bottled water or food. Also, please avoid touching or having close contact with the monkeys as they can be quite aggressive and might bite. However, don’t be too scared as there are guides around the temple that watch over the tourists’ safety and a clinic too.

There’s a banana vendor inside, in case you want to feed the monkeys and let them climb on your shoulder, but I tell you, it is not a good idea.

Monkey Forest

2. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

You can take a picture of the Rice Terraces without having to pay an entrance fee, but if you prefer the full experience then you can buy tickets and be able to walk in the rice terraces. There are coffee shops across where you can relax while enjoying the view.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

3. Tirtha Empul Temple

Tirtha Empul means Holy Water Spring. Balinese Hindus go here for ritual purification. This is considered as a holy place, therefore, wearing proper attire is required. Women during menstruation are not allowed to enter inside the temple. Wearing of the sarong is required inside the premises, you can borrow one in the entrance to the temple. You can bathe in the waters of the temple and drink from the flowing water.

Hindus pour water 3 times over their head and drink the water 3 times as a ritual.

For the ladies, it would be best to bring a hair tie as you would need to tie your hair up in the deeper part of the temple. There are free rubber bands if you did not bring one.

Tirtha Empul

4. Uluwatu Temple

Monkeys in Uluwatu temple are more aggressive than the ones in Monkey Forest. Here, there are no guides around so you have to watch out for yourself. Don’t bring any sunglasses and even eyeglasses if possible, as these things in our heads attract the monkeys and they tend to steal it. Again, please avoid bringing bottled waters and food. Also, please watch out for your bags especially backpacks.

Uluwatu Temple


I’m going to list down my 3 favorite Indonesian Food that I have tried in Bali.

1. Babi Guling

Roasted pig. A spicy version of Filipinos Lechon Baboy. This is so good.

2. Nasi Goreng

Fried Rice with veggies. You can choose if you want chicken or fish and rice or fried noodles. They have different versions of Nasi Goreng. Quick tip: “Ayam” means chicken; “Ikan” means fish; “Bebek” means duck.

3. Chicken Satay

Chicken Barbecue with peanut sauce.


Our trip would not be as fun and successful if it wasn’t for our driver and tour guide, Lanus Nyoman. Lanus is a really great guy. I was able to get in touch with him because he was recommended by the travelers on Tripadvisor, and indeed, they were not wrong. I just told him the places we wanted to visit and he created a schedule and added up other places along the way. You can tell Lanus where you want to go and he’ll arrange the trip for you, unlike the other drivers I had contacted. Lanus was also the one who informed us of what not to bring and what we can bring during our visit to the Monkey Forest and Uluwatu temple, if it wasn’t for his advice, we would’ve brought with us our water bottles and even left our cell phones.


You can book him through his email or you can reach him at his WhatsApp number +628123762403. Be sure to book him early as he is quite on demand, but he has other drivers too which he will schedule for you if he is busy.


I love our travel in Bali. I love their culture and the people are peaceful and nice. It was a great experience. I hope you have a fun and wonderful trip there too 🙂 :*





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