What to do, Where to eat and How to get there : Travel Iloilo to Bacolod (and vice-versa)

Iloilo is one of my favorite places in the Philippines. When you get to Iloilo you can visit the churches and go for food trip in the city, you can check out my previous post to have ideas on where to go in Iloilo by clicking on the link here.

Iloilo airport is a bit far from the city about 25-30 minutes and the cheapest way to get to the city is by riding a van going to SM City Proper for only P50. You can hail a taxi but they would charge you at least P500 depending on your destination. You can find the Toyota Hi-ace vans located across the road when you exit the arrivals area.

How to get to Bacolod from Iloilo:

When you are done touring Iloilo and you want to go to Bacolod or if your destination is to head to Bacolod immediately you would need to go to the port and ride a fast craft.

THROUGH JEEPNEY: From SM City Proper ride a jeep going to City Proper then inform the driver to drop you off at Atrium, fare costs only P6.50/head.

If you are already in the city proper or Atrium ride a jeepney going Lapuz and drop off at the last stop which is the Port, fare costs P8/head going to the Port.

When you are already at the Port you can choose which fast craft to ride either Weesam, Supercat or Ocean Jet. You can compare the three of them by their schedules and rates.

Weesam costs P270 for one-way, you can also buy round-trip tickets which can cost you less. Ride is about 1hour and 20 minutes.

Note: Fast crafts starts at 6:00am and last trip is 5:00pm

When in Bacolod

Where to Eat:

Bacolod is known for their Chicken Inasal therefore I suggest you try out the best Inasal in town. For an authentic inasal I suggest you visit Manokan Country and Chicken House. Please do not expect anything fancy in Manokan Country as the restaurants there are all homegrown.

1. Manokan Country: Aida’s


Our Chicken Inasal Has arrived

We were able to try out Aida’s as I have heard it is one of the best Inasal around and indeed we weren’t disappointed. The chicken was juicy and their chicken sauce is the best I have tasted so far, best paired with garlic rice.



You have never been to Bacolod if you haven’t tried Chicken House.

2. Chicken House

I can say that their Inasal is really tasty and really one of the best in town.

Tourist Spots:

1. The Ruins


A breathtaking view of one of Bacolod’s historical landmark. It was a beautiful mansion built by a wealthy sugar baron in the 1900’s. The best time to visit is during sunset as the lights give off a beautiful view of the structure and the garden. There’s a cafe, souvenir shop and food stalls located within The Ruins if ever you get hungry.

I suggest you visit The Ruins first since this is very accessible, it’s just 15-20 minutes away. To get there ride a jeepney going to Bata, inform the driver to drop you off at Rose Lawn. From there you would be able to see a line-up of tricycles going to The Ruins, fare is P15 each.

I would suggest that you pay tricycles exact amount as some drivers in the area tend to charge tourists excess amount.

2. Mambukal Resort


I really enjoyed our time here. They have hot springs, boat rides, butterfly garden, zipline, swimming pools, wall climbing, spa and 7 waterfalls. There are restaurants located inside the resort. They have cottages for overnight stay but unfortunately for us we only went there for day tour. During the time of our visit the hanging bridge in the waterfalls area was off limits so we were not able to take a picture there.


Boat Ride

1st Falls

1st Falls


Hot Spring

Shot at the butterfly garden

Shot at the butterfly garden


Entrance fee day tour – P50
Entrance Fee to Butterfly garden – P30
Hotspring – P50
Butterfly Garden – P30
Boat Ride – P30
Swimming Pool – P50

How to Get There:

Ride a jeepney going to Libertad and drop off at the Libertad Public Market. In the northwest part of the market is the location of the bus and jeepney terminal. Ride the mini non-airconditioned double tire bus going to Mambukal and it would take you directly to the Mambukal Resort. Fare costs P35. It would take you 45mins – 1hr to reach the resort.

Bacolod to Iloilo

Look for a jeepney going to SM then from SM ride a tricycle going to the Port and ride a fast craft.

Note: Fast crafts starts at 6:00am and last trip is 5:50pm


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