Against Gravity



Flying has always been depicted as freedom. May it be a flying bird, butterfly, wings or even a man made thing that flies. The first thing that comes in our mind when we see something that flies. Perhaps it’s freedom from gravity. Gravity has always been seen as something that limits us from what it should be. Something that keeps us down.

Children and even adults love to fly a kite. Even if it is just hanging on to a piece of thread and looking up to see how far the kite has flown. The satisfaction it gives when you look up at it, that you made something fly or that you are holding on to something flying is like reaching up above the clouds. It is like a piece of you has already reached the sky and yet the only thing that connects you is a thin line. A crippled child flying a kite would entirely forget his condition at the moment he sees his kite flying.

The joy of flying. Fastest way to reach one place to another. Seeing the beauty of the world from above. Going against gravity.

Everyone wants to have his/her own wings. No one wants limitations, everyone wants to fly.


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