Unveiling Talikud Island: Isla Reta Beach Resort


From Davao City you can get to Isla Reta, Talikud Island by riding a small boat. You can locate the boat going there at Sta. Ana Wharf . There is only one trip in a day and it is scheduled to leave at 10:00 am from Sta. Ana Wharf. It would take about 1 hour and 30 mins to arrive. One way fare costs P80.00. From Isla Reta the only return trip going back to Davao is 3:00 pm . It would be better to go there only if you are planning for an overnight stay, otherwise you would only enjoy the beach for 3 hours and swim around in the noon-time-heat-of-the-sun and head back to Davao.


Isla Reta is a great place to escape from the city. A silent and not so crowded beach resort. A good place to unwind and forget about work and schedules. The beach has fine white sand. It is also a great place to catch sunrise just in front of the beach.

The resort does not have corkage therefore you can bring any food and drinks that you want. They also have grills located near tables and chairs or cottages allowing anyone to grill any food they brought with them.

Overnight entrance fee is P150.00/head. If you and your friends or family are planning to bring along a tent the cost of putting up a tent is P100.00/tent. A perfect spot for an outdoor fun and experience.


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