Guide To The Safest City in the Philippines: Davao City

Davao is a city in Mindanao and truly it is the safest city in the Philippines. Davao is known for its good tasting fruit called durian, hospitable people and good governance by the mayor. Davao follows strict rules on liquor ban, proper smoking and fireworks. Citizens here are hospitable to everyone and most of them follow rules accordingly. Truly Davao is a great place to live in, peaceful villages and just near beaches.


Canibad Beach in Samal Island

Private Beach Resort "Pacific Little Secret" in Talikud Island

Private Beach Resort “Pacific Little Secret” in Talikud Island

White sand beaches can be reached in another island called Samal Island and it is just a 15 minutes boat ride, the ride is very cheap and you can even get a ride for as low as P15. Various resorts are present in the island and very affordable too. The beaches here are lovely even the beaches in the nearby island called Talikud Island. You do not need to fly to Palawan just so you can go island hopping  and experience beautiful beaches, because here you can experience just the same.

Davao City celebrates their festivals grandly. The most awaited festivals they celebrate are Kadayawan and Araw ng Davao(Davao City Day).  Parades of floats are organized and planned for a year and there are cultural dancers and singers to go round the city. Celebrities are also invited to liven up and entertain the people.  Kadayawan is a month long celebration but a one-day local non working holiday is observed to let locals witness this fun filled celebration.

Davao City is also rich with popular tourist spots. First to go on your list is Crocodile Park, it is just near the city and the most accessible one. It would be great to bring along your family here because the children would love seeing the different animals they have. From the biggest crocodile to tigers, reptiles, birds and a whole lot more, this place even has crocodile shows. And if you get hungry after touring the park, restaurants are present within the location and transportation like taxi is also around.

Next is the Philippine Eagle, although it may be a bit far but it is still worth it. There are also different types of animals present here. You can even have a picture with the eagle.


Me and Eden Nature Park Map

Then for the nature lovers next stop is Eden Nature Park. Lots of activities can be done in Eden like horseback riding, zip line, trekking and swimming. Eden also offers overnight stay and lunch buffet.

Must try fruit specialty in Davao City is the Durian. Most people would say “durian smells like hell, but tastes like heaven”. Tourist would often refuse to try this out because of its smell but once you have tasted it you would certainly want more.

Davao City has a lot more to offer but these are the stuffs that you shouldn’t miss.


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