Sunken Cementery of Camiguin Island

sunken cementery


Before the Mount Vulcan erupted in 1871, this area surrounding the large cross used to be a cemetery. After the eruption there were several earthquakes in the area and the lava was still continuously flowing in the sea, which resulted to some parts of the island to submerge to the sea including this area. Therefore a large cross was built to mark the buried remains that sunk and became hidden by the sea.

Tourist Attraction

This site has become a popular tourist spot in Camiguin Island. Once you are going to Camiguin Island, you can reach here by dropping off to Binoni Wharf. From there locals have a means of transportation by boat that can take you to the large cross where you can take pictures and enjoy the view. But they can only take you to the cross up to 4 pm.

This has also become a popular diving spot, because of it’s hidden ruins below and the history of the site.

Your trip to Camiguin Island would never be complete if you would miss this very beautiful attraction.


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