Stop and Stare

Sometimes all we need to do is to stop and stare….and by then the answers become so clear…and we get to see the beauty there is before us. This photo did not undergo filters/editing. The best pictures are better off raw.


Places to visit in Baguio City

Baguio City considered as the country’s “summer capital”, due to its cold weather all year round. Filipino’s love to visit this city every summer just so they can escape the summer’s heat. 1. La Trinidad Strawberry Farm Baguio City’s cold weather makes it a great location to grow and plant strawberries. This is the city’s…


Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival 2014

Panagbenga Festival is a month-long celebration in Baguio City. Celebrated annually every February, it means “season of blooming”. It is dedicated to the city’s flowers and as a symbol for the city’s rising from the Earthquake that devastated Luzon back in 1990. Parade of floats decorated with flowers along with street dancers are scheduled to…


Seafood Island’s Fried Ice Cream

After your meal at Seafood Island you should not miss a perfect dessert and try their Fried Ice Cream. A creamy vanilla ice cream, crusted with a secret recipe and topped with chocolate syrup. A very special treat and a “must-try” . Try it today at any Seafood Island branch.


Against Gravity

Flying has always been depicted as freedom. May it be a flying bird, butterfly, wings or even a man made thing that flies. The first thing that comes in our mind when we see something that flies. Perhaps it’s freedom from gravity. Gravity has always been seen as something that limits us from what it…


World Without Disparity

That moment when you just have to take off your sunglasses to see the beauty of the world right before your eyes. Looking at the world without disparity, at its actual colors and letting it all sink in.


Dahican Beach Resort

Dahican is a beautiful beach resort in Mati, Davao Oriental. Peaceful, unexploited and not crowded, the perfect place to unwind and have fun.  The beach has fine white sand and a long shoreline. It has become popular for skim boarding and surfing. Skim boards and surf boards can be rented on the resort and even…


A Taste of the Middle East

Middle Eastern Dishes or even Mediterranean Foods are rich in spices. They give off strong flavors that are well blended with one another. Filipino’s does not usually visit Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants , except if they crave a dish they have tasted before, if they are Muslims and want to be sure that what they eat…


Guide To The Safest City in the Philippines: Davao City

Davao is a city in Mindanao and truly it is the safest city in the Philippines. Davao is known for its good tasting fruit called durian, hospitable people and good governance by the mayor. Davao follows strict rules on liquor ban, proper smoking and fireworks. Citizens here are hospitable to everyone and most of them…